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John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd with a long standing image of excellence in termite control service has gained recognition and won confidence among architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and building contractors in the construction sector owing to its quality service and high technical know-how. The company was established in 2000 with technical collaboration of John Piper Limited, and has been providing a wide range of environmental service solutions to customers in Sri Lanka and Maldives. The variety of technical services provided by the John Piper International include Termite proofing solution for building construction industry, General Pest Control services, Timber preservation ,Plant Protection Services, Soil Conservation Services and Waste Water Treatment solutions. The company has received ISO 9001-2008 international Quality Management System Certification. The Board of Directors of John Piper International consists of qualified professionals. The existing excellent technical knowledge of John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd with a highly trained and well experienced technical staff have further strengthened the service offered by the company. The key operational team of the company is academically and professionally qualified in the related field and therefore the company has been able to create a significant change in the pest control sector.

Termite Control

The construction of a house is a long term investment and it has become a timely need to protect your beautiful house from termites. It is essential to concentrate your attention towards the treatment process against termites during the more


Fumigation is a highly effective pest control method using Gas fumigants such as Phospene. Fumigation needs highly trained and licensed professionals to carry out operations and John Piper International is one of the few licensed organizations for carry out more

General Pest Control

John Piper International has a comprehensiveGeneral Pest Control package to control common pests from your household, factory or office premises.We can effectively manage Ants, Cockroaches, Houseflies, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks more




Anti-Termite Treatment

The anti-termite treatment method includes making soil chemical barriers against termites. John Piper International provides effective and safer termite soil treatment solutions according to the nature of termite more

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

A soil treatment process is carried out prior to laying the groundfloor concrete to prevent the termites invading the building. This chemical will be bound to soil and will last for considerable period of time as a barrier against subterranean termites. Treatment steps could be performed at many stages of construction to get the maximum protection. It is very necessary to more

Post – construction Soil Treatment

If an existing building is infested with subterranean termites, or for the buildings where floor concrete is laid without applying Termiticide, the ‘Post construction soil treatment’ is recommended. Generally, the chemicalTermiticide is applied by drilling the floor and injecting it to the soil under the floor slab through a set of drilled holes on floor, more

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems also used as part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and may be preferred by house owners as there is no damage to building in the application process. John Piper International offers you highly effective more

Pre-installed chemical recharging system( Piperguard)

Every house owner likes to keep the building protected from termites for long years. Unfortunately, approved modern chemicals last only few years in soil due to their degradation. In order to obtain longer protection, the soil chemical barriers should be periodically replenished more


We offer effective pest control solutions through our General Pest Control Programmes to suppress the pests in Domestic, Office and Factory environments




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