Objectives of Fumigation

The objective of fumigation is to eliminate the targeted pests rapidly through creation of a sealed gas tight environment. A sufficient concentration of fumigant gas is held in the gas tight chamber at a suitable temperature for this purpose ultimatelykilling the pests.

The Fumigation Process

This process has three steps; preparation of the area (such as sealing the openings and gas proofing), gas charging and maintaining the chamber for a required period of time until clearance of gas.

Effectiveness of the operation

After the proper fumigation under the required optimum conditions, a 100 % elimination of pest can be assured. As the fumigant is highly penetrative and poisonous even on egg stage, all the life stages of pests;eggs, larvae, nymphs and pupae will be destroyed together. As the effectiveness of fumigants remains only for the period from application to clearance of the gas from the chamber, a warranty against a cross infections or re- infestation cannot be granted.

Conditions and requirements

The fumigant is highly toxic to the any living organism and all humans and other non target species should be kept away during fumigation and gas clearance process. After the preparation the area, it is needed at least 4 days at a stretch to accomplish the job. During this period the building under fumigation and the surrounding buildings which are called risk areas should be prohibited to public, until the gas clearance is completed. Afterwards a gas clearance certificate will be issued allowing people to enter the area.