Termiticide Replenishment System

Treating the soil beneath a building is a common requirement in order to protect the building structure and the susceptible material within the building from subterranean termites. However, the conventional ‘pre construction soil treatment’ has limitations for its period of protection due to degradation of termite control chemicals applied under the building. This is more critical in tropical soils. Modern chemicals such as Bifenthrin (Eg: Biflex, Bisect) are fast bio degradable and may last maximum two to five years under a floor slab in a country like Sri Lanka. (Reference: http://cpmservices.com.au/Label/Label%20-%20Biflex%20Ultra%20LoOdour.pdf)As the chemical protection diminishes, it is necessary to replenish these chemical barriers to obtain further protection. The conventional chemical replenishment is a cumbersome process where chemicals are re-injected to soil through a set of drilled holes on the floor slab. This is called “post construction soil treatment’. In order to overcome this situation, the most suitable and practical solution is the prior installation of the chemical recharging system for prolong protection. Piper guard plus (PIFTRS).