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John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd with a long standing image of excellence in environmental service and Building construction sector,   has gained recognition and won confidence among house builders, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and building contractors  owing to its quality service and high technical know-how in Termite control and timber protection service. The company has received ISO 9001-2015 international Quality Management System Certification. John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd was established in October 2000 with technical collaboration of John Piper Limited and has been providing a range of environmental service solutions to customers in Sri Lanka, Maldives and other countries in the region.

The board of directors of John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd consists of academically and professionally qualified professionals who are the members of Institute of Chemistry Sri Lanka (I Chem), and Sri Lanka Istitute of Agriculture ( SLIAg) etc.

They are also the members of Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA).The existing excellent technical knowledge and competency of John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd with a highly trained and well experienced technical staff have further strengthened the service offered by the company. The key operational team of the company is academically and professionally qualified in the related field and therefore the company has been able to create a significant change among the rivals.

John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka provides a variety of technical services including Plant protection service, Soil conservation, Waste water treatment solutions, Timber treatment, Fumigation service, General Pest Control Service  and Termite proofing solutions for building construction industry.

John Piper International too is engaged in Export and Import  trading business of wide range of products.

John Piper Termite Control Division

The products and services

In 2001, the termite control division was inducted, with its primary concern being termite Control Services in building construction sector. Later the service was expanded to other areas such fumigation and domestic pest control. Termite Control Division offers a state of art technology in termite control industry. Moving away from the conventional technology, John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd was the first to introduce innovative technology of ‘chemical recharging system’, PIFTRS, or “Piperguard”re treatment system obtained patent rights in 2008 (Patent No. 15141 (IPC: A01M 3/00, F 16L 11/04) ‘Pre-installed Flexi tube Termiticide Re-treatment System’ which is the only environmentally acceptable solution after banning of long lasting Organo Chlorine Termiticides in Sri Lanka during 1980’s.

Among the other proprietary products and services, John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd has developed “Permastop”, a permanently impregnated fabric joint and crack sealant, Dry powder puffing material for infested electrical trunks, and various mechanical termite capping devises such as “Termocap”.

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John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd boasts its possession of most qualified and trained staff among the rivals. Their job skills with due consideration to personal and environmental safety are continuously upgraded.
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The products and services

The company always adhere to standards based on the international standards such as Australian Standards (AS 3660). Dedicating to the quality of the services provided, John piper International is an ISO 9000 of 2015 quality system certified company.

Also, John Piper International (Pvt) Ltd is privileged to obtain Pest Control license to carry out all types of pest control operations namely General Pest control, Termite proofing and Fumigation under the Pest control service regulations No 1 of 2010 of Control of Pesticide Act, No 33 in 1980.

Our Contribution

Our contribution to the construction industry is witnessed by  a greater profile of satisfied clients in Sri Lanka and overseas where some of them mentioned below.

  • Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
  • I C C
  • N & E Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Watawala Plantations
  • Thudawe Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Sunken Construction (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Sierra Constructions (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Maga Engineering
  • Fontera Milk Company Factory

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